La Petite Foire de Semel, 2018

La Petite Foire, organised each year by MAP (Mouvement d'Action Paysanne) on the same weekend as Belgium's main agricultural fair at Libramont, celebrates and promotes the country's growing network of rural craftsmen and women, producers, smallholders and organic farmers.

I volunteered to photograph the event in 2017 and was pleased to be invited back for this year's fair. The people are lovely, the food is great and the mood is positive and engaged. Despite the threat of showers on Saturday, the turnout this year was amazing. Many of the workshops and displays were sell-outs, with people spilling out of the tents onto the surrounding grass. And it was hot! The beer flowed and there was a permanent queue in front of the ice-cream stand.

Although the fair is very largely run by volunteers, MAP depends on some public support, in particular from the Province of Luxembourg, and I was careful to get good shots of their banners. But the local politicians who came along to the official opening must have been impressed by the numbers of people who were there, so I hope funding is secure for the next few years.