An inspiring group of young Belgians

I spent the day of the Zinneke Parade with around 20 pupils from the Institut Sainte-Marie, a secondary-level art school in Saint Gilles. Gently encouraged by their teacher Roxane Carlier, the young people had thrown themselves into this entirely voluntary project with enthusiasm, designing and producing their own costumes.

I didn't know that the group would be so young, and they certainly hadn't expected to be accompanied by a photographer. A few were immediately keen to pose for the camera, but many were reticent at the start. But they soon got used to me, especially when we left the dressing-room and got out onto the streets of central Brussels.

I was impressed and moved by their energy and good humour, and especially by the confidence with which they interacted with the crowds of spectators. I enjoyed their company a lot, and was very happy to hear from Roxane that they had appreciated the photographs that I sent her.