The world is beautiful

I like people. Amost every day, I strike up conversations with strangers on buses or on the street. I like hearing about people's lives and interests, and if they ask I don't mind telling them about mine.

And it's mainly people that I photograph – portraits, street shots, and especially people working or playing together. I look for the glances and facial gestures that people use as much as words to communicate intention and meaning to one another. As individuals, I find people fascinating and beautiful.

As a species, on the other hand, we are ugly and stupid. But when our collective cruelty and wastefulness get me down, I can almost always find new inspiration by looking at the natural world. From cloud-shadows racing over hills to dewdrops caught on the micro-fibres of a leaf surface, there is astonishing beauty everywhere.

I've removed my Beautiful World gallery from the site's navigation because I want visitors to focus on my work with people. But the gallery is still online, and if you're interested you can access it here.

Please do let me know what you think, either using the Contact page or in the comments below. As I said, I like meeting new people.