How I work

I am not a studio photographer. I prefer to shoot in natural light, in the places where my subjects feel most comfortable. I use only professional Nikon cameras and prime lenses.

I currently charge €300 plus travel expenses for a shoot of up to four hours, or €600 plus expenses for a full day of up to eight hours. Shorter assignments are negotiable. Fees include processing and delivery of high-resolution digital files. 

I'll deliver images that show you at your best, whether they are for a website, a portfolio, a book or a poster.

Use the Contact page to tell me what you have in mind. I will get back to you immediately to discuss your requirements in detail. I am based in Brussels, but I am happy to travel.

Je parle français
Si vous souhaitez discuter d'un projet éventuel, merci d'utiliser la page de contact. Je m'engage à vous recontacter rapidement pour préciser votre demande. J'habite à Bruxelles, mais je peux voyager.

Life story, short version

I was born in London. I have also lived in Scotland, Yorkshire and, since 2004, Brussels.

Around 1962, when I was eight, an uncle or grandparent gave me a Kodak Brownie 127. I have no idea what happened to my photos but I loved taking them, and the magical moment when I collected the prints from the chemist. (Yes, the chemist.)  

At university, Sarah taught me to develop and print black and white photos. I remember her fingers guiding mine to wind the unexposed film onto the reel of the development tank.

Recent projects include covering concerts for Muziekpublique, photoreportage of the annual Steenrock festivals, and documentation of a series of workshops in the context of Brussels' Zinneke Parade 2016.

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