Simon Blackley, photographer

What I do

I make photographs of people. I shoot events, portraits and performances.

How I work
As far as possible I work in natural light, in the day-to-day environments of my clients and subjects. I use professional Nikon cameras and lenses. I produce images that show people at their best, whether for a website, a portfolio, a book or a framed print.

I charge €75 per hour of shooting, plus travel expenses. Fees include processing and delivery of high-resolution digital files. Under Belgium's small business exemption scheme, I do not charge VAT.

Get in touch
Use the Contact page to tell me what you have in mind. I will get back to you immediately to discuss your requirements in detail. I am based in Brussels, but I am happy to travel.

Je parle français
Si vous souhaitez discuter d'un projet éventuel, merci d'utiliser la page de contact. Je m'engage à vous recontacter rapidement pour préciser votre demande. J'habite à Bruxelles, mais je peux voyager.

About me

I was born in London. I have also lived in Scotland, Yorkshire and, since 2004, Brussels.

Around 1962, when I was eight, I was given a Kodak Brownie 127. I have no idea what happened to the photos I took then, but I remember taking them, and the magical moment when I collected the prints from the chemist. 

At university, a friend taught me to develop and print black and white photos. I remember her fingers guiding mine to wind the unexposed film onto the reel of the development tank.

I have worked in a bookshop, a whisky distillery, a bakery and, for the last 20 years, a communication agency. But I have always taken photographs.

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